Seek and you shall find…

Have you ever heard the old saying…

“If you go digging up dirt, you’re bound to find it”

I know, I know…who says that? It’s one of those sayings of the wise advising a curious person to not go snooping for mess, because if they’ve already set their mind to find mess they’ll most likely find it…(and probably be sorry they found it).

As random as that saying is, I had it on my mind because I was thinking of how sometimes I avoid “digging for the dirt”, not just the dirt, but I sometimes avoid seeking after what it is that I truly intend and have a desire to find. Which leads me to the thoughts of this post…seeking and finding God.

Have you ever had a desire on the forefront of your mind or deep in your heart to do something? It could be anything…something small or large, deep or shallow…For example, I have always loved writing. I have kept a journal of all my deepest secrets and thoughts since that was the “thing to do” in the 90’s and I just never stopped. So sometimes, I get these tiny urges to write something down, or to write something special for someone or to just share my written thoughts with others and most of the time I coward.

Now, I have had this desire for years (to share what I write) and it got to a place where I felt like it was something very useful. I would share things with people (when I had the courage) and they would share things back with me and we would have such a special moment of encouragement. So I began to seek God about this thing that I liked to do. I wanted to know how I could use it for Him…and he showed me a glimpse…and I started a blog and began sharing with the world!….SIKE!

I got scared! Overwhelmed even. I stopped “digging” and stopped asking God about it. WHY? Because He kept showing me dreams and visions and I chickened out.

Now, you’re reading this right now, so clearly somewhere down the line I got some sense, courage, mercy and grace, and put my faith where my nosey mouth was, but it took some time. Most of all, it took seeking God, trusting Him and engaging my faith.

I am a firm believer that God gives us talent not only to bring the kingdom of heaven here to earth in a special way so God’s will can be done, but so that we feel fulfilled and be able to take part of the creative process that is life. So, I finally am here writing my first blog post after creating this site 5 months ago and I am taking a step of faith, hoping God will touch lives and that His will be done.

So take some time today, right now, or whenever you have the moment, and think of something you have been seeking God about. Think of small ways that He has been revealing or showing you answers about that very thing that you are seeking Him on, and make a faith move. Engage your faith, with your heart and lean on God for all understanding (because it all probably will not make the most sense, but God is wise His thoughts are not our thoughts ISA 55:8-9).

Jeremiah 29:13 says that when you seek Him with your whole heart you will find Him.

I dare you to seek God today, go digging and see what you find and know that He is with you wherever you go and that He encourages us to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS.






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